Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year give away #1

Happy New Year Grilling enthusiasts! Phil's Grill is sponsoring a New Year's give away to keep the enthusiasm building for grilling. From January 15Th through February 28, 2009 visit then return to Phil's Grill leave a comment on this post telling us if there are any items on the site that you would like that are not already there, include your e-mail address and/or mailing address. If you visit the commercial site a second time and leave a comment on Phil's Grill telling us how the site would be easier for you to use including your e-mail address and/or mailing address you will receive a second entry. If you put a link to on your blog and leave a comment on Phil's Grill telling us you linked you will receive a third entry. On February 28Th at midnight a random drawing will occur from all the entries and you could be the winner of GRILLIN'OPOLY, a burger flipping, steak sizzling, property trading game. A picture will be available soon describing the exciting game.


necrodancer said...

I've been grilling for many years, though I prefer to barbecue. I am very interested in ways to make the meat taste more like it does when you cook over wood while taking full advantage of the conveniences of gas. So, I am always looking for smoking chips, chunks and the smoking boxes. Nothing makes a gas grill taste better than real smoke.

Anonymous said...

Hello Phil,
Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a wonderful blog here. I would like to add your link to mine. I have never done that before so if you can offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Nate J said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too, Phil.

I was wondering about tips for how to effectively do beef brisket on a gas grill with a smoker box - which wood chips are the best?

Also, in doing a rub on a steak, how much is enough or too much? I completely coated steaks with rub, left them for a couple hours in the fridge, and when grilled, they were inedible (according to my wife).