Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year Give Away instructions

Happy New Year Grilling enthusiasts! Phil's Grill is sponsoring a New Year's give away to keep the enthusiasm building for grilling. From January 15Th through February 28, 2009 visit / Grilling then return to Phil's Grill leave a comment on this post telling us if there are any items on the site that you would like that are not already there, include your e-mail address and/or mailing address. If you visit the commercial site a second time and leave a comment on Phil's Grill telling us how the site would be easier for you to use including your e-mail address and/or mailing address you will receive a second entry. If you put a link to on your blog and leave a comment on Phil's Grill telling us you linked you will receive a third entry. On February 28Th at midnight a random drawing will occur from all the entries and you could be the winner of GRILLIN'OPOLY, a burger flipping, steak sizzling, property trading game.


Liz said...

Thanks Betty for your nice comment! I love grilling and am very new at it. This blog has some great pointers! I will link you up for sure since grilling is an interest of mine and since you have quite a fantastic grilling blog!

necrodancer said...

Phil, I've been to the gilling specialists commercial site a couple times. Some of the link in the right column seem to be linked to the wrong pages since they come up blank. I like the tool sets and the grill covers. The school logos are particularly nice. Now, since I tend to the slower cooking experience of the barbecue, it would be nice to have an assortment of wood chips and the associated accessories. I've included a link to your commercial site as well as this blog on my blog.


Brenda said...

Hi Phil,
Sorry I haven't been on my site in a couple of days.I really didn't think I would get comments outside
Love your site and I have saved you to my favs...I love to grill and always love to learn.Your site is awesome!!! I will be visiting!!!!

NoCheezburgers said...

Hey Phil,
Just visiting. Great blog! My husband and I both love to grill and we grill just about everything. A great side-dish that I do for my hubbies great pork loin or thick pork chops is grilled pineapple. I cut up a fresh pineapple (thick slices so they don't break up on the grill). Then I marinate the slices in coconut milk for a few hours. Grill until you have some beautfil grill marks and serve with your meat. Scrumptious!

We often put chickens on the rotisserie! They always turn out great. I will be checking back often for tips and ideas - keep them coming oh Grill Master! :)