Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen reasons a turkey on the rotisserie is a crowd pleaser.
1. The cook loves not having to mess with the basting, turkey bastes itself.
2. Kitchen is free of one less task.
3. The grill master extends his grilling season to the holidays.
4. It gives the family members who are not playing in the family superbowl a reason for not playing.
5. The turning bird mesmerizes looky lous.
6. The even gold brown skin instantly makes guests oh and ah like they did on the fourth of July.
7. People believe turkeys are difficult to cook, putting the bird on the rotisserie couldn't be easier.
8. One less pan to wash.
9. The breast meat remains flavorful, juicy and tender when cooked to 185 degrees and immediately removed from the spit.
10. Slice the entire breast off the turkey before slicing the breast.
11. Use a fork to keep skin in place when slicing so each guest will get a slice of the crackling.
12. Wait patiently for each person to taste.
13. Graciously accept the compliments and adoration your perfectly prepared turkey has brought you.

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Paula said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect to me !

Megan Sauriol said...

Hi Phil... It's nice to meet you!

I couldn't agree more. Turkey smoked on the grill this year with a nice ham! Have you ever tried fried Turkey? You would love the taste and how not dry it is...

Link exchange would be great! I look forward to getting to know you!