Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Edition #3

13 suggestions for selecting meat
1. Let your nose guide you. If the meat counter or fish counter smells offensive keep walking.
2. Look closely at the meat counter and processing area, is it clean? any flies?
3. Closely examine the meat, is it pink, fresh looking or old and dry?
4. Wrapped meat; is the packaging intact?
5. Look for the expiration date on the package. There should be at least 3 days before it expires.
6. Red meat should be pink not grey.
7. White meat often is a translucent light pink. As it ages it becomes more opaque and grey.
8. Fish when fresh appears slick, translucent and does not smell "fishy".
9. Fresh meat resists pressure, as a result is pliable but holds it shape.
10. Fat: Balance the fat. A little fat helps flavor the meat
11. Thickness of the meat and preference of cooking stage will determine the length of time the meat will be cooked
12. Choose meat selections that are uniform in thickness so cooking time is consistent.
13. If you do not see the meat you want in the meat case get the attention of the meat department staff and ask if the meat you want is available. Often times they will cut meat to a customers preference when asked.

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Lori said...

Great list and advice. Yep, if it sticks, thats your first sign;) Happy TT.