Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen safety tips
1. Wash your hands often
2. Have hot pads close by
3. Have a spray bottle of fresh water near the barbecue
4. Start with a clean grill. Build up of grease can easily catch fire
5. Do not leave your barbecue unattended with food cooking
6. Know where your first aid kit is located
7. If you have someone using the barbecue who has little experience share with them safe practices when barbecuing.
8. Put cooked meat on a clean platter.
9. Be sure all the controls are in the off position when done cooking.
10. Use correct cooking utensils when barbecuing.
11. Cook meat, chicken and fish to the appropriate temperature.
12. Use separate cutting boards to cut up chicken and cut up vegetables.
13. When done eating put left overs in the refrigerator right away to prevent growth of bacteria.

Congratulations to my nephew Jerry and Kandy on the birth of their baby girl today at 8#11oz.

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Anonymous said...

i will leave the bbqin' to my husband lol in spite of how good your tips are, and congrats on the new baby :) happy TT!

Betty said...

You gave us some good tips on safety. Thank you and thank you for visiting me today.