Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grilling Specialties

Grilling for me doesn't happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Grilling for me is a 365 experience. There is nothing like the smell of charcoal and grilling steaks at 30 below to make all your neighbors jealous as they sit down for turkey or ham as their Christmas dinner. Some how a celebration like this for tels the promise of spring. What a gift! your neighbors inhale on that Christmas morning when they smell that steak pristinely in the crisp air. Similarly in the height of summer with the smoker blaring the scent of hickory or maple your neighbors will know that something delightful will emerge in a couple of hours.

Grilling 365 take seasonal cooking and creates a life style. We hope to explore that life style with you.


Geriatric Nursing said...

Look forward to reading more posts about grilling.

MoJoKat said...

Hi, there. I hope you dont mind me stopping in. I am looking forward to your blogs on grilling. Mmmm Tasty. Being from the Bay Area of California, I am no stranger to Christmas BBQ dinners...mmmm...mmmmm! Yum!

My blog is kinda down right now, but I hope to rekindle it soon. Thanks for sharing your insight!